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Brand Safety & Privacy Expert Scott Cunningham Talks Tech Disruption

Scott Cunningham is one of the most sought-after brand safety, privacy, and martech consultants on the planet. He gives us the low down on what’s really behind the privacy battles between Apple, Facebook, and Google as well as his take on cookies, legislation, and sound advice for global brands.

Thinking Caps

An Important Message From Our CMO: Apple Mail Privacy Changes

Marketers are facing constant disruptions to their efforts engaging consumers and Apple’s recent announcement with more privacy changes slated for iOS 15 in September could disrupt marketing tactics in email. This disruption will continue to come as we’ve already seen GDPR, the death of cookies, and privacy legislation increase. In this matter-of-fact video message from our CMO, Richard

Thinking Caps

…And the Race to Grab Consumer Data Heats Up!

The amount of media coverage on new “cookie-less solutions” is exploding. New “middlemen” solutions are popping up weekly, but are they helping or hurting the cause? We translate three key articles in AdAge published within days of each other that highlight the race to collect consumer data — and we agree with Mondeléz that brands need to connect directly with consumers and leave the “middlemen” on the sidelines.

Uncaged Wisdom

Moving Past Batch and Blast w/ Benoit Bouteille

This week, we are joined by Benoit Bouteille, Vice President of Customer Experience at Tinyclues and host of The State of CRM podcast. Benoit talks with us about moving past the old school batch and blast, and onto more relevant strategies. You’ll learn how to align the customer-centric mindset with personalized campaigns that accurately target your customers. Tune in now for tips on providing a better experience for your customers, that can help your campaigns be more successful.

Thinking Caps

Apple Brings the Privacy Battle to Your Living Room

Apple doubles down, again, on privacy by launching a brilliant TV spot aimed at consumers visualizing just how annoying “creepy” third-party tracking works. We explain why it’s never been more important to collect your own data, directly from consumers with consent to use it as you need.

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