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Apple Brings the Privacy Battle to Your Living Room

Apple doubles down, again, on privacy by launching a brilliant TV spot aimed at consumers visualizing just how annoying “creepy” third-party tracking works. We explain why it’s never been more important to collect your own data, directly from consumers with consent to use it as you need.

Uncaged Wisdom

A Personalized Perspective of Personalization

This week, Sam Bessey joins the show! Sam is the Director of Enterprise Strategy and Architecture at Marigold Engage+ and has been focusing on Digital Marketing for the last (almost) 10 years. Today he is here to discuss personalization, including breaking down the three components of personalization and how it applies to all parts of the business. Tune in now and hear Sam talk about some of the difficulties in personalization that marketers run into, and insights that may help you build a stronger strategy.

Uncaged Wisdom

Marigold Engage+’s Approach to Business Transformation

In this week’s episode, Liz McLemore joins Kayla and Julian to talk about business transformation. Liz is the Director of Service Offerings here at Marigold Engage+ today she shares her expertise on business organization. Listen now and you’ll learn some of Liz’s tips and tricks on embracing change and delivering value.

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