The Consumer Trends Making Waves in Europe 2023

It has never been more difficult, nor more important to stay one step ahead of evolving consumer habits. Today, economies in Europe are under acute pressure from rising interest rates and prices, the war in Ukraine on its borders and protracted COVID-19 lockdowns in China, which have slowed down production. By the end of the year the IMF expects much of Europe to be in a recession and unfortunately this is going to usher-in increasing monetary concerns for many consumers.

“Let’s Talk Loyalty” Features Cheetah Digital’s 2023 Consumer Trends Index

“Let’s Talk Loyalty” is an industry podcast for marketing professionals, featuring loyalty specialists from around the world. In the latest episode, podcast host Paula Thomas interviews Tim Glomb, Vice President of Global Content at Marigold, to get the most critical and influential insights from this year’s Consumer Trends Index.

Unlocking Direct-to-Consumer Relationships in CPG/FMCG: Part 3

As the CPG industry continues to see an increase in sales, even as it did during the pandemic, brands like Hill’s Pet, have been working on large-scale digital transformation to better understand the customers who are buying their products. As a CPG brand that puts the consumer at the heart of their strategy, using a relationship marketing model and Cheetah Digital’s Engagement Data Platform, Hill’s Pet has been working to meet an increased demand for authenticity and personalization from its customers.

How Hospitality Marketers Can Move Beyond the Transactional to Build Lasting Relationships

The primary objective for marketers should be to establish an emotional connection with customers — to create connections rather than focus on conversions. Achieving this level of intimacy demands an elaborate and strategic sequence of activity and behavior to drive customer engagement at every opportunity. Though hospitality marketers have been working hard, doing more with less, now they can have the ability to connect with customers in a new and innovative way.

Unlocking Direct-to-Consumer Relationships in CPG/FMCG: Part 2

The next steps to forging strong and lucrative D2C relationships involves taking that new data from consumers and creating a single view of the customer, in order to extract a meaningful single source of insight. Yet, even when the data is collected, meaningful communications created and sent — brands still must continue to be innovative to meet the new and ever changing expectations of customers.

The Consumer Trends Making Waves in 2023 [Report]

It has never been more difficult, nor more important to stay one step ahead of evolving consumer habits. As we finally emerge from the global pandemic, in which digital transformations ensued in weeks rather than years, we appear to be on the precipice of a global recession. There’s little doubt that marketers have another challenging year ahead as they try to grow revenue and build lasting relationships with their customers set against constricted consumer spending. 


Email Benchmark Stats Across Industries for Early 2022

Email is one of the most impactful channels used in relationship marketing. When viewing email’s impact on other channels you can get a great overview of your impact on audience action. In this short episode, we reveal some of the North American email benchmarks across Cheetah Digital’s enterprise client base.

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Building Loyalty In a Recession

Think it can’t be done? See how loyalty programs and better personalization can be used to keep your customers coming back. It’s more cost-effective than identifying new audiences and helps maintain your brand image and profit margins which can be eroded by steep discounting. 

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2022 Digital Consumer Trends by Age Group

Our global research reveals the key generational trends driving purchase decisions and what each age group expects from the brands they do business with online, the channels they want to connect on and the data they’re prepared to share in return for more personalized experiences.

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