Marigold Engage+

Personalize all your marketing channels at scale with
Marigold Engage+ — the data foundation for all our solutions.

Marigold Engage+

Personalize all your marketing channels at scale with
Marigold Engage+ — the data foundation for all our solutions.

Go beyond the traditional

Take control of your data with real-time collection, unification, segmentation, and insights that enable personalized, cross-channel communications, customer experiences, and loyalty programs from one easy-to-use solution. Purpose-built to drive customer engagement, our platform enables end-to-end customer lifecycle management, driving revenue and customer lifetime value.

First- and zero-party data capture

Built on innovative big data technology, Marigold Engage+ ingests, consolidates, and stores billions of real-time events and updates — no matter what data source with no silos, storage limits, or expiration dates.

Put your data to work

All your data is consolidated in one place no matter where it originates. Seamlessly activate this data across any digital channels via any Marigold Engage+ solution or in your existing marketing stack.

Single customer view

Our solution creates a single source of truth, compiling all customer data in one clear dashboard. With a single customer view, you will know your customers better and be able to tailor experiences to them.

Analytics & reporting

With sophisticated, customizable reports and dashboards, you can analyze data on campaign performance, operational activity, and/or customer behavior to gain new insights and readily turn those insights into actionable campaigns.

Smart triggers

Enable triggered actions based on any customer activity, machine learning insights, predictions, and derived context. Deploy a personalized email, reward loyalty points, or deliver a custom offer — all based on customer preferences.

ML for Marketing

Access powerful machine learning capabilities from an intuitive and easy to use console. Marketers and citizen data scientists can predict customer behaviors, develop customer segments, and deliver the most relevant offers.

Data orchestration

Exchange data between internal systems, advertising platforms, and partner ecosystems with ease. We support imports and exports, and enable data transformation without the need to bother your teams.

Data-driven messaging

The platform can rapidly import external data sources and lists so you can execute campaigns in just a couple of clicks. Incorporate dynamic content, A/B/N tests, and update audiences over time with new data points.

Integration APIs

Our robust suite of APIs can programmatically access, update, and query all data within the platform. Connect to and support data activation to any system you have, ensuring all your data is centrally located.

Dana Weeks

Marketing Automation and Data Management Specialist, Crain Communications

Having all of our data in one spot allows us to target, segment, and deliver the right message at the right time to the right people. It allows us to have conversations more one-to-one rather than one-to-many.

Data security is
our top priority

As the foundational platform for all our solutions, Marigold Engage+ safeguards customer and company information through industry-leading data encryption and strict internal and external security standards. We comply with SOC 2 Type 2, California Consumer Privacy Act, and EU General Data Protection Standards.

Is data driving
your marketing?

The Marigold Engage+ Relationship Marketing generates a single customer view for use across solutions. Built to be fully integrated, Marigold Engage+ Relationship Marketing is the only solution in the market that can deliver end-to-end personalized experiences for the first-party marketer.

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