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Why Email is #1 Channel for Revenue in US… Again.

The email channel is (still) the #1 driver of revenue with consumers both globally and in the US per the 2022 Consumer Trends Index report. This 5 min clip shares the stats on several marketing channels and the why and how email is so powerful, even with Gen Z and Millennials. Learn how to personalize it and drive amazing results for your own relationship marketing strategy.


Real-Time Engagement and Relationship Marketing

Join Patrick Tripp, SVP of product marketing at Marigold Engage+ and Bryan Finfrock, our newest member of the product marketing organization for Pulse episode 20. We talk about Bryan’s background and what he’s focused on at Marigold Engage+. And we’ll talk a little bit about relationship marketing!

Why Is Loyalty The Key To Surviving The Death Of The Cookie?

Today, we are going to be discussing why loyalty is the key to surviving the death of the cookie and how you can select the right partners to invest in customer loyalty programs. So let’s provide a little bit of context to this issue. So now we all know that swipe type speak and shoot these days, there are literally a gazillion ways that marketers can actually connect directly to consumers to learn about them, and then use that data to power personalized engagement.

Relationship Marketing: The Future of Omnichannel Personalization

Omnichannel personalization points to the importance of engaging with consumers on an individual level across any channel or touchpoint. In order to retain loyal customers and continue to grow, brands need to foster personalized relationships through showing empathy and an understanding of likes, interests, history, and preferences to deliver in the right moments. Join Mila D’Antonio, Principal Analyst at Omdia and Patrick Tripp, SVP of Product Marketing at Marigold Engage+ to discuss how relationship marketing can help you establish long-lasting relationships with data, insights, and real-time experiences


Mobile as the Key to Relationship Marketing

Join Patrick Tripp and Andy Gladwin at Marigold Engage+ for the first 2022 episode of PULSE, which will cover Andy’s background, his focus at Marigold Engage+, defining Relationship Marketing, and how it applies to mobile engagement.

Uncaged Wisdom, Restaurant Loyalty with Kevin Sanders

Data Types, Featuring Zero-Party Data with Nick Watson Listen on your favorite podcast player

Latest Consumer Trends, To Inform Your Loyalty and Relationship Marketing Strategy
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