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Marketing Specialist Goes Viral For Dog Adoption Ad

Christine Clauder uses her social media and marketing savvy to launch PleaseAdoptHank.com, the viral dog adoption ad for “hellion” dog Hank. This week AdAge breaks down ‘what marketers can learn’ from Christine’s bold marketing approach for finding Hank’s new forever family.


Self-Service Journeys

Today on PULSE, Patrick Tripp hosts Mustafa Shairani, Sr. PM, Cheetah Journey Designer to discuss the latest and greatest innovations in journey orchestration in the Customer Engagement Suite.

Thinking Caps

Loyalty Programs: Email Marketing’s Secret Weapon

As President of Email Connect, Chris Marriott brings years of digital marketing and vendor selection experience to helps clients connect with the right marketing technology solutions for email and multichannel marketing. Chris breaks down why the loyalty program is the best way to collect zero-party data as a clear demonstration of value exchange, then going one step further and integrating loyalty programs into your email marketing strategy for the most effective results. He also outlines some important questions your company needs to ask to start leveraging all your data in less that ten minutes.

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Email Insights Mini-Series: Privacy changes at Apple and Google

This week, Julian sits down with Tom Corbett to discuss the recent changes on privacy at Apple and Google. Tom, Senior Deliverability Consultant here at Marigold Engage+, guides us through these privacy changes with the lens of an email marketer. He shares steps marketers can take to adapt and embrace the privacy change, and why marketers should be proactive, forward planners.

Uncaged Wisdom

Inclusivity and Authenticity in the Workplace

In this week’s episode, Cheetah’s own Sarah Yeazel and E.C. Burns are here to talk about inclusivity and authenticity in the workplace. They both share what it means to be inclusive and why it’s essential for everyone to be their authentic self at work. Through their stories and experiences, we learn ways to ensure our workplace is genuinely inclusive.

Thinking Caps

New Consumer Survey Highlights In Store Shopping Expectations

Human connections! That’s the core message consumers are sending when it comes to retail experiences right now. The Ecommerce Consumer Behavior Report, published by 9 Shopify partners, sheds light on the reasons why consumers want to be back in store. But will the Delta variant delay those wishes? We dig into this topic and share what you need to know in less than 10 minutes.

Latest Consumer Trends, To Inform Your Loyalty and Relationship Marketing Strategy
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