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Uncaged Wisdom

Uncaged Wisdom on Getting the Most Out of Social Media

On this week’s episode, we have Alexander Luyken of Deutsche Telekom to talk to us about how he uses social media to its full potential! You’ll get to hear how Alexander made company relevant content from social networks visible to employees who are not active in those social networks, to help bring the voice of the customer closer to the employees.

Uncaged Wisdom

A Transformative Approach to Digital Communication

In this episode of Uncaged Wisdom, our Customer Marketing Director Louise Hamer-Brown has the pleasure of speaking to the brilliant Sonya Mooney of Pizza Hut Restaurants UK. They discuss the approach to guest communications Pizza Hut Restaurants UK adopted during COVID-19 and how this may influence things longer term.

Omnichannel Personalization: Data, the Complex Dart for Bullseye

Personalization is at the forefront of marketers minds as they look to best engage with impact across all channels of customer engagement – data assets, strategy and execution is key to achieving this. In this session, Cheetah Digital run a panel discussion looking at how to navigate an ever evolving data environment and how to

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