Cheetah Digital is proud to be a part of Marigold’s family of products.

Marigold’s approach to Relationship Marketing stands alone in a world of one-size-fits all marketing technology companies. Our solutions are designed for your specific size, industry, and maturity, giving you the technology and expertise you need to grow the relationships that grow your business, from customer acquisition to engagement to loyalty. And, with a team of strategists that provide insights into what’s working, what’s not, and what’s changing in your industry, you’re able to maximize ROI every step of the way.

Great marketing isn’t just about conversion, but true connection. Learn why 40,000 businesses around the world trust Marigold to be the firm foundation they need to help relationships take root

Dedicated to marketers

This motto is at the heart of everything we do. We believe marketers and their customers deserve better — better customer success, better data capture mechanics, better personalization tools, and better data visualization.

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Value exchange marketing

Modern customers expect personalized experiences and greater control over their data. Cheetah Digital’s industry-leading solutions were made to help brands exceed these expectations.

Legacy & leadership

We have solved the industry’s most complex marketing challenges for more than 20 years. From CheetahMail to Cheetah Digital, we strive to provide the client experience marketers deserve in everything we do.

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Product innovation

Our commitment to product innovation started 20 years ago, with a mission to empower marketers to become the best at what they do and create lasting relationships between brands and consumers.

Demonstrated expertise

Every day, our more than 1,300 employees show what it means to be an enterprise marketing software partner. We have the industry’s most experienced team and we all share a goal: helping marketers succeed.

Built for modern marketing

Modern consumers expect it all — and we want to help you deliver. Our solutions provide the security, cross-channel capabilities, value exchange mechanics, and truly personalized experiences customers now expect from the brands they do business with.

Proven enterprise marketing expertise

Our story begins in 1998 with the founding of CheetahMail, a pioneer in the digital marketing industry. Six years later, the company was acquired by Experian and became a key component of its Experian Marketing Services business. In June 2017, we acquired the business and launched Cheetah Digital as the largest independent enterprise marketing technology company in the world. Today, Cheetah Digital works with some of the biggest and most successful consumer brands, helping B2C marketers create lasting customer trust and drive revenue outcomes for their brands.

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Our offices are located in 13 countries and help more than 3,000 brands drive predictable revenue.


We proudly employ more than 1,300 of the most talented industry professionals.

1 billion

Every day, we send one billion messages to customers on behalf of our world-renowned clients.

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