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Apple Ad Revenue Drops, Android Rises, Personalized Ads Eroding

The WSJ has some stats proving Apple’s privacy features rolling out to consumers is creating a shift in advertising. Ads targeting Apple devices are dropping (because of the targeting capabilities) but Android rates are skyrocketing. What the real story might be though, is the shift in the ability for marketers to personalize ads at scale. And what if other media companies follow suit restricting ad targeting? We dig in and share the stats from this article.

Thinking Caps

The Bludgeoning Impact of iOS14 on DTC Brands

Roughly two months after Apple rolled out its App Tracking Transparency (ATT) prompt as part of the iOS14 update, direct-to-consumer startups are still trying to understand the impact of it all. Facebook CPM’s are on the rise, data fidelity from ad campaigns is in decline, and brands start to collect their own data. We dig into these issues as they evolve.


CES Product Launch + iOS 15 Mail Updates

Hosts and expert product marketers Patrick Tripp (SVP of Product Marketing) and Nicholas Einstein (Senior Director of Product Marketing) take a look at the Apple Mail privacy changes that are going to have a big impact on marketers this fall and reveal a big product announcement around the Cheetah Digital Customer Engagement Suite. Watch the latest episode now.


Cheetah Experiences with Tereza Kirk

Today on PULSE, Tereza Kirk is here to discuss Cheetah Experiences. Tereza is a Senior Product Manager at Cheetah Digital, and she shares the value of Cheetah Experiences. Listen now and you’ll learn how Cheetah executes value exchange marketing, and the new features to look out for in Cheetah Experiences.

Thinking Caps

Brand Safety & Privacy Expert Scott Cunningham Talks Tech Disruption

Scott Cunningham is one of the most sought-after brand safety, privacy, and martech consultants on the planet. He gives us the low down on what’s really behind the privacy battles between Apple, Facebook, and Google as well as his take on cookies, legislation, and sound advice for global brands.

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