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Restaurants have weathered extraordinary challenges – and accomplished herculean feats – in the past 12 months. Set up a flawless online ordering and pickup process. Transformed menus to be friendlier for the to-go crowd. Now is the time to embrace digital transformation, as there’s no going back to dining-as-normal.

Marigold Engage+ Relationship Marketing is the only enterprise-scale, best-of-breed solution that allows restaurant marketers to effortlessly create the automated, yet highly personalized guest experiences that drive traffic, frequency, and spend. Our award-winning solution is a buffet containing everything from data acquisition and intelligent offers to omnichannel messaging and next-gen loyalty. Engage guests on their terms with the most powerful and flexible solution on the market.

Restaurant Revolution: Building Your Digital House

Lay the groundwork for digital success and build a sound digital house above it.

Solutions with all the right ingredients

Unified Actionable Data →

Consolidating your data is one thing; having it be actionable is another.  Built on a modern data architecture for unmatched power and flexibility, our Cheetah Platform not only unifies all your data signals into a 360° view of your customer, it lets you action off those insights in real-time at scale.

Offer Management →

Create the personalized experiences your guests now expect.  Our next-gen offer management tools can deliver the “next best action” for each diner in real-time throughout the customer journey. Transcend mere points and discounts to build the emotional loyalty that keeps guests coming back more often.

Dynamic Omni-channel Messaging →

Meet your guests where they’re at by designing highly personalized, contextual communications that flow seamlessly across all your digital touchpoints.

Time waits for no IT department →

Quickly and easily create real-time personalized customer experiences with our plug-and-play solution architecture.  No IT involvement or coding experience necessary. Check, please!

It’s my order, and it’s now or never →

Your guest’s journey is no longer linear.  They engage on various devices across multiple channels, yet they expect you to communicate with them as ONE person. Orchestrate 1:1 interactions in real-time across all channels and touchpoints, so your guests feel heard, loved, and respected.

Too many chefs in the kitchen →

Let’s face it, nobody wants to integrate more vendors. With Cheetah’s natively-integrated platform, you can seamlessly manage your guest engagement from end-to-end – all from a single provider.  Eliminate silos, fragmented data, and redundant costs.

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