The sessions we’re adding have the ability to significantly impact your revenue goals in both the short and long term, but it may require a willingness to adopt a new marketing mentality. Relationship marketing requires listening to the right consumer signals intently and activating them in real-time in any channel a consumer prefers. And while, in the past, this series has been a Marigold Engage+ production, our recent merger with Marigold means that we’ve got more client stories than ever before.
In just over a week, commencing October 24, we will deliver four continuous days of unmissable content, bringing together the brightest thought leaders, world-renowned brands, industry heads and engaging panels.  Below are some new sessions for you to add to your calendar.

Zero-Party Data: The What, Why and How to Use it Effectively

The sweeping changes to the martech and adtech industries we are witnessing have reinforced the need for marketers to shift to a zero-party data strategy. Transactional data is great, but using zero-party and psychographic data to personalize interactions will differentiate your brand from your competitors.

Our VP of Client Success, Nick Watson has been extolling the importance of this class of data for several years and this session, won’t just tell, but will show, with examples from leading brands like PepsiCo, American Airlines and Colgate who are gathering the preference data to deliver truly personalized experiences across the entire customer lifecycle.


What Can You Do with a CDP?

Ask 10 different marketers what a CDP is and you’ll get 10 quite different answers. Fortunately we have David Raab, Founder of the CDP Institute, to deliver this illuminating session on what a true CDP is, what it can do and how one can empower you to see a unified view of every customer profile. 


Want a Simple Messaging Solution to Enhance Business Results? Look No Further Than SMS

Eight out of 10 digital minutes reside on the mobile phone, with consumers picking up their device on average 96 times a day. It’s clear that a fully-fledged mobile strategy is no longer a nice to have, but the cornerstone of any digital transformation. And that’s why adoption of SMS continues to grow and there is a reason why – it drives tangible results for organizations.

In this session, Andy Gladwin, Head of Mobile at Marigold Engage+, provides insights on how organizations are successfully growing their customer base and better understanding, informing and inspiring their customers through the utilization of SMS, resulting in a significant ROI.


How the UK’s Football Association Engages Millions with Email Channel

If you want to get your emails opened, read, clicked, and converted, email personalization needs to go beyond a first name in the subject line. True email personalization offers content and products your customer has expressed an interest in and contains dynamic content that uses keywords that you know will elicit engagement from them — derived from preference insights and purchase motivations that they have explicitly told you. 

The Football Association excels at exactly this, and their database is currently growing at about email net new names per year. Join us for a conversation at Wembley Stadium to learn more about their content strategy, how they’re monetizing their database.


Let’s Talk Loyalty – Insights From Some of the World’s Leading Loyalty Marketers

Paula Thomas: the “Oprah of Loyalty” and host of “Let’s Talk Loyalty” ranked in the top 5% of podcasts worldwide delivers a session that will leave you with a deeper and comprehensive understanding of loyalty tactics.

Today, 57% of consumers will pay more to purchase from a preferred brand. It’s clear that the core of loyalty is not the cheapest price point, but a brand that creates emotive bonds by fostering community, recognizing the customer as an individual, and delivering bespoke offers, and product recommendations that reflect this. 


SIGNALS22 is less than a week away, so after registering for your chosen session above, make sure to add some more to your personal agenda. 

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