Marigold Engage+ Named “Challenger” In Gartner Magic Quadrant For Multichannel Marketing Hubs

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Gartner recently published two new reports to help buyers identify solutions for their campaign creation, orchestration, execution, and measurement; The Magic Quadrant and Critical Capabilities for Multichannel Marketing Hubs (MMH), July 2022. Gartner has named Marigold Engage+ a “Challenger” in the Magic Quadrant for Multichannel Marketing Hubs. As pressure increases on marketing teams to deliver offers and messages that drive the customer relationship, we are incredibly proud to be recognized for our strong ability to execute for our customers.

Gartner explains, “Digital marketing leaders use multichannel marketing hubs to deliver contextually relevant experiences on complex customer journeys. Unified customer profiles backed by predictive insights help orchestrate personalized, multichannel engagement.”

The Gartner Critical Capabilities report states, “Marigold Engage+ (CES) received its highest critical capabilities score for event triggering, scoring as one of the highest across vendors evaluated in this research. Cheetah CES achieved its highest use case rating for campaign creation, for which it received an excellent rating. This speaks to the product’s robust digital library, templates, and granular options to customize audience segments and marketing campaigns.” 

We believe this exemplifies our commitment to providing marketers with a best-in-class solution that can seamlessly activate data across the entire lifecycle to deliver personalized experiences, cross-channel messaging, and loyalty that exceeds customer expectations. Marigold Engage+ is the ideal alternative to the swamp of monolithic marketing clouds occupying the leader quadrant and the red ocean of niche point solutions. We dedicate ourselves to helping marketers deliver industry-leading customer engagement solutions that allow them to build relevant, meaningful consumer interactions at every point in the customer journey while maintaining the highest levels of data privacy. 

Why are real-time triggers so important?

Customers are overwhelmed with branded communications; email, SMS, push, traditional mail, and beyond. They are more likely to hunt for coupons in their inbox when it’s time to shop. Event-triggered messaging responds to customers as they express interest in interacting with your brand. Open, click, and conversion rates are higher for triggers because customers find the answers they need when looking rather than encountering them after their problem is resolved. Marigold Engage+ customers personalize experiences and offers in real-time on the web and mobile. Whether a customer is unknown, discovering an acquisition offer, or returning to receive personalized content based on their expressed interests, we work with our customers to ensure each individual obtains value from each interaction across the relationship. 

At Marigold Engage+, we are excited to help our customers:
• Gather and activate data to build an actionable single-customer view
• Manage data ethically and secure to satisfy end-customer privacy concerns
• Build automations to react to crucial customer events like birthdays or anniversaries
• Trigger campaigns in real-time to help engaged customers make decisions
• Surface insights with machine learning to improve personalization
• Engage with customers beyond the transaction to drive advocacy and build loyalty
• Actively measure success and identify opportunities to improve customer engagement 

In both the Magic Quadrant and Critical Capabilities reports, Gartner highlighted that Marigold Engage+ is simplifying pricing and repackaging our Customer Engagement Suite into Relationship Marketing to support eight different use cases for marketers of differing maturity. Relationship Marketing bridges the gap between data and contextual engagement. It ensures that you can easily and fluidly understand your customer, activates insights, and deliver personalized experiences across all channels in touchpoints, in real-time. As stated in the Critical Capabilities, “These (use cases) focus on enriching customer data to deliver real-time personalization to both known and unknown customer profiles and proactive testing across customer journeys to identify the most effective campaign for an audience segment. Its simplified pricing allows marketers to find the best use case(s) to fit their needs.”

The July 2022 Gartner Critical Capabilities for Multichannel Marketing Hubs can be viewed here.

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