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CPG/FMCG and grocery brands have enjoyed a bumper time in sales as consumers turned to the everyday products they trust during challenging times. Today’s shopper demands true personalization, discerning what they spend their money on, and craves unique brand experiences — both online and offline. They are gravitating towards brands that know who they are and connecting with them on a mix of digital channels. Marketers must meet and exceed these new expectations.

Marigold Engage+ Relationship Marketing is the only enterprise-scale, best-of-breed solution that empowers CPG/FMCG and grocery marketers to unlock the power of direct-to-consumer relationships. We do this by enabling brands to collect, segment, and take direct action their data across all channels, offering value and personalized experiences to their consumers at every stage of the customer lifecycle. Marigold Engage+ is the choice of a new generation because you’re worth it and because we melt in your mouth, not in your hands. Wait, what?

Unlocking Direct-to-Consumer Relationships

A comprehensive guide for CPG/FMCG and grocery marketers. 

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Data data everywhere, not enough insight →

CPG/FMCG & grocery brands are awash with data, but it’s fragmented from all manner of sources. Consumers engage with brands on multiple channels. Still, data like analytics, email, mobile, campaign management, point-of-sale, and social resides in disparate systems. If a marketer can’t efficiently store and unify data in one place, it will inhibit their ability to put it to work and drive value from it. It will hamper efforts to deliver a truly personalized customer experience.

And that’s the way the cookie crumbles →

As the cookie crumbles, one way to compensate for the potential loss is for CPG/FMCG & grocery brands to build and leverage their first-party data asset. With less third-party information available for purchase, marketers have a unique and largely untapped opportunity to capture and activate consented consumer data. It’s not the all-encompassing answer, but it is what you can start doing now while the ecosystem figures out a long-term solution.

Loyalty seems to be the hardest word →

CPG/FMCG and grocery loyalty today is built around the transaction. But in the digital age, rewarding someone only after they buy something, even when it’s something they purchase regularly, is too late. Instead, incentivize somebody to think of your product or marketplace as where they want to buy and then reward them when they do. Don’t just dabble. Create a customer-centric program.

The breakfast of champions

Cross-Channel Engagement →

Weave personalization into your marketing efforts by treating consumers as individuals – it’s what shoppers expect from CPG/FMCG and Grocery brands whose products they regularly purchase. Find them on their channel of choice, serve recommendations unique to them, and trigger the right actions.

Interactive Experiences →

CPG/FMCG and Grocery brands can control their data by collecting it in a permission-based way. Use interactive experiences to turn unknown consumers into known ones, connect directly with them, and learn more about their preferences. Bridge the online and offline worlds with on-pack coupons to be redeemed digitally. Drive revenue by building lasting relationships by delivering value exchange throughout the entire customer lifecycle. 

Personalization & Loyalty →

Create loyalty or customer programs to personalize offers and integrate with POS systems to learn more about purchase history. Utilize more data directly from your retailer partnerships.

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Marigold Engage+ Relationship Marketing

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