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The Restaurant Revolution, A Guide to Digital Transformation

Restaurants took a beating in 2020 as the pandemic spread. One thing is for sure, many of those businesses realized the need to shore up their digital ecosystem to not only survive but also to adapt to what are sure to be long-lasting behavioral trends with their consumers. This e-book is a must-have for anyone in the food service industry. Download it now.

Uncaged Wisdom

The Importance of Mobile Marketing

Andy Gladwin, Cheetah Digital’s Head of Mobile Go-to-Market, discusses the world of mobile marketing. Andy shares his expertise to show us why mobile is valuable and how you can better utilize it in marketing strategies. Listen now! You’ll learn best practices to get your campaigns off the ground and running and how to get your customers on board with your mobile programs.

Thinking Caps

Industry Confessions Expose Hard Truths Of Reconciling Personalization With Privacy

‘The Long Goodbye’ is a 10-part editorial series from Digiday that explores how the advertising industry will be affected after Google completes its phaseout of the third-party cookie. This week, 10 semi-anonymous confessions pull back the curtain providing insight into who is certainly uncertain about the future of data & privacy. This week Richard Jones reacts with Cheetah Digital’s VP of Brand & Community, Francesca Gillett on these poignant revelations.

Uncaged Wisdom

Developing A Human-Centric Approach To Loyalty

In today’s episode, Jodi Rausch and Hannah Sherwood join Julian to discuss having a human-centric approach to loyalty. Hannah is an associate director of design, and Jody is the senior practice director of the Integrated Loyalty Solutions team, both at PK Global. As experts in their field, Hannah and Jodi share strategies to appropriately use data to improve customer experiences and how you can bring brand value to life between customer transactions.

Thinking Caps

Marketing Specialist Goes Viral For Dog Adoption Ad

Christine Clauder uses her social media and marketing savvy to launch PleaseAdoptHank.com, the viral dog adoption ad for “hellion” dog Hank. This week AdAge breaks down ‘what marketers can learn’ from Christine’s bold marketing approach for finding Hank’s new forever family.


Self-Service Journeys

Today on PULSE, Patrick Tripp hosts Mustafa Shairani, Sr. PM, Cheetah Journey Designer to discuss the latest and greatest innovations in journey orchestration in the Customer Engagement Suite.

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