Client Stories logo Uses Mobile Technology to Power Communications is one of the UK’s largest online retailers of electrical goods, operating out of the UK, Germany, and Holland. They recognised that having a deep understanding of their customers would help them deliver better customer experiences. AO worked with Cheetah Digital to enhance their mobile communications programme and deliver better experiences across the entire

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Clean Data Improves Results

Organisations often find it hard to discard what was once valuable to them. When hard-earned email subscribers become deadwood, it can be a challenge to simply cut loose. But not cleaning your lists means missing out on real opportunities for engagement and conversion. This was the challenge for our client, a leading parcel delivery comparison

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Building a Single Customer View

When prehistoric legacy systems hold disconnected data in separate locations, many marketers struggle to find ways to fully embrace their data and effectively target their customers. As an international entertainment company offering location-based family attractions, our client needed to expertly segment their data. This helped them better understand and thus create relevant messaging for their

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Funky Pigeon Achieves a 42% Increase in Click-To-Open Rate

Funky Pigeon is a household name for personalized gifts and greeting cards, and has been owned by WHSmith since 2010. Automation is an essential part of Funky Pigeon’s marketing strategies. Their trigger-based emails are used to engage customers throughout their buying journeys, enriching their experiences and encouraging repeat purchases. But how did they make sure


Email Marketing Benchmark Report, Q1 2022

Email Benchmark Stats Across Industries for Early 2022

Email is one of the most impactful channels used in relationship marketing. When viewing email’s impact on other channels you can get a great overview of your impact on audience action. In this short episode, we reveal some of the North American email benchmarks across Cheetah Digital’s enterprise client base.

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U.S. Consumer Messaging

Top US Consumer Messaging Trends Broken Down By Age

Marketers know that audience behavior varies generation to generation. When it comes to brand messaging in brand experience, how far off are Gen X from Boomers? That’s what the 2022 consumer trends index reveals. In this short video we share a few critical differences on how email, SMS and even loyalty programs differ across age groups.

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