Messaging at Scale: Accelerating Email and SMS Programs

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As the world has changed, so has B2C marketing. We’ve seen B2C marketing transform from the early days of transactional, volume- based messaging to a conversational engagement strategy. In this new world, we are all under more pressure than ever before and are required to do more in less time. 

As brands and customers have evolved their strategies, one thing still rings true: Email is the most influential and impactful marketing channel, with $45 ROI for every dollar spent, according to the Direct Marketing Association. 

SMS has also served to compliment email programs due to open rates reaching as high as 98% according to Gartner. Consumer purchase decisions on mobile continue to rise and, as a result, email and SMS implementations in marketing programs have accelerated success for marketers.

Marketers across industries, whether it’s retail, CPG, media and entertainment, or even travel and hospitality benefit from seasonal, scheduled and programmatic email marketing programs. The name of the game is precise and accurate targeting and segmentation. The way to achieve this is through what we call ‘messaging at scale’.

Messaging at scale is a best practice focused on leveraging audience segments and engaging customers using batch and trigger-based email and SMS campaigns. The outcomes increase engagement and awareness, understand effectiveness based on interactions such as clicks, conversions, purchases

With messaging at scale, you can communicate with customers leveraging precise and effective targeting. Businesses require the right messaging capabilities to grow with them as they scale from startup to enterprise. While batch and send files are still used in platforms today, integrating a constant flow of data to activate trigger-based messages at scale is the most effective way to engage customers at the right time and place. Campaign reports need to enable growth through actionable insights and assist in identifying new audience segments and interests for future sends. 

The key ingredients to make messaging at scale a raging success in your organization include:

Messaging Campaigns

You can create scheduled, recurring, and trigger-based campaigns via email and SMS. In Cheetah you can adapt the campaign workflow to the needs of your customers to foster lasting relationships. Whether you have a subscriber count of one hundred or one million, you can look towards the future to scale their email and SMS campaigns.

Smart Activation

Act on insights in real-time by scaling marketing automations with platform activation. In one unified platform, brands can continuously optimize messaging based on data loaded from point-of-sale and other first-party data sources. Trigger relevant messages based on engagement data to deliver personalized offers throughout the customer lifecycle. 

Basic Decisioning

Receive an overview of campaign performance through aggregate reports that can process data queries in milliseconds. Get granular and analyze data captured from campaigns to create audiences and segments for future messaging. Set send time preferences on an individual level to reach customers based on past opens and clicks.

Single View of Customer, Analytics & Integrations

Keep the data driving your campaigns up to date through real-time integrations into your customer database. Display actionable insights from email and SMS campaigns within your business intelligence reports and dashboards.

The result? You can see an increase in average order value, grow customer engagement, and continually improve on the vast ROI that email provides. 

Stay tuned for our Relationship Marketing series as we focus on other areas of marketing best practices, including Cross-Channel and Real-Time engagement. In the meantime, check out our new position in the Forrester Wave for Email Marketing!

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