Why Is Loyalty The Key To Surviving The Death Of The Cookie?

And how you can select the right partners to invest in customer loyalty programs

Loyalty 360, The association of customer loyalty

Loyalty isn’t a technology product you can just buy and implement. Loyalty is an experience, the heart of your strategy that gives life to the consumer’s journey. And it has never been more important.

  1. Brands and retailers have been able to hyper-personalize content and advertising at scale through Facebook and Google, using a coterie of third-party data integrations. Disruption brought about by privacy is fast ending this era of fast and loose data. Now marketers need to know their customers and offer a value exchange to consumers to incentivize long-term engagement.
  2. Both Google and the IAB recommend brands of all shapes and sizes prioritize building up direct-to-consumer relationships to survive this disruption. The IAB has recommended that loyalty programs be used as a way to structure the ongoing value exchange to ensure this direct customer engagement flourishes.
  3. CMOs will be investing more into customer loyalty programs to survive this disruption and power economic recovery from the pandemic. The problem is, too often, the industry gets caught up in the marketing speak, which tech is shinier, and who has more buttons, regardless of whether you can actually use them, or if you need a team of astronauts to make it work. This ultimately leads to frustration, for you the marketer, and for the customer who is sitting at the other end of a disjointed experience.

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