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Mobile is no longer an emerging channel, but rather, it is one of the native, habitual and preferred environments for consumers to engage with your brand.

In today’s digital and interconnected world, the importance of tailoring marketing efforts so that they are mobile-first cannot be overstated. Consumers reach for their smartphones almost 100 times a day and 90% read an SMS/MMS within 90 seconds of receiving it. In fact, 8 out of every 10 digital minutes reside on mobile, so if you don’t have a fully-fledged mobile strategy, you not only fail to deliver a truly excellent customer experience, but you’re leaving sales and conversions on the table.

Improve your customer relationships by being present

Marketers must think of mobile as a collection of highly accessible touchpoints, whether it be SMS, MMS, mobile wallet, email, web, or mobile app, making a brand much more accessible to a customer, which means that the marketer must be ready.

We here at Marigold Engage+ have you covered. Our mobile solution enables enterprises to enhance their customer relationships through more relevant, contextual, personalized communications via mobile channels, ultimately driving an increase in customer lifetime value.

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The Value of Mobile in the Digital Age

This report will furnish marketers with the tools to connect all their brand’s digital channels and create a single, accessible view of customer data and take action from it.

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Don’t just take our word for it

Mobile Ecosystem Forum
Marigold Engage+ Top Mobile Marketing Solution Providers 2020 award
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SMS drives 2-8% conversion when used for promotion


19% click through rate in SMS

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App utilization has grown 50% over COVID period

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Coordinating messages across channels boosts incremental conversion rates by 10-20%*

Source: McKinsey

With mobile fully integrated within our Customer Engagement Suite, leverage the benefits that centralization has to offer and break silos as you address your total digital communication needs. 


By having mobile channels embedded within our solution, you are able to best engage with your customers across every stage of the customer lifecycle. Leverage data and insights across every touchpoint to ensure that there is continuity and relevance in every personalized punctual mobile communication.

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No training needed for marketers as the mobile channels reside within the same intuitive UI that your customers use for other channels. Service, technology and data management are all made more efficient as the number of vendors involved reduces. Our experts offer strategic advice that looks at your overarching business goals and take a holistic view on channel management, rather than being restrained to advice for a single channel that is being managed.

Benefits of Mobile

Drive acquisition and develop deeper relationships →

Streamline SMS acquisition through tap to join. Your brand needs to be present when people are making decisions. Cheetah offers gateways to enroll customers into programs in the places of relevance, whether that be a QR Code, a short code to text into or using our tap-to-join capability which auto-populates an SMS for enrollment.

Drive Engagement →

Leverage our capabilities in the Customer Engagement Suite for your mobile engagements, this includes personalization, send-time optimization, segments and real-time triggers from any environment to ensure messages are both contextual and impactful. Enrich the way in which you serve your customers by leveraging our mobile enhanced experiences. Bring your marketing campaigns to life by embracing the phone’s native technology. Scratch to reveal, swipe up to play or swipe right to like, vibrate to launch or score.

Drive ROI →

Increase your conversion rates by using SMS and push to drive your customers in-store or online by sharing exclusive discounts and offers, competitions. Improve your customer satisfaction and reduce your overhead by using SMS to send payment or appointment reminders and delivery notifications. We can provide you with industry benchmarks, ROI templates and the solution to optimise your results.


Ready to incorporate mobile into your digital strategy?

We’d be happy to answer your questions and show you how we can help you develop a mobile-first strategy.

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