Loyalty Royalty Panel

Stay loyal, live royal.

Customer loyalty programs and strategies are a surefire way to grow and sustain market share for your business. Customers that are already enthusiastic about a brand are more likely to continue buying and are a prime market for that brand’s new products. Still… there is a disconnect.

Many recognise the importance of customer loyalty programs, but few are taking action. Some companies, in fact, have merely scratched the surface with loyalty programs and are still hindered by legacy solutions and programs, acting as roadblocks for any future growth.

In this roundtable discussion, hear from leaders across an array of industries as they share insights on challenges they face, outcomes they have driven and first-hand knowledge from their loyalty strategies. We’ll also explore how they’ve successfully built relationships and fostered emotional loyalty within their current customer base.


Alexandra Smit headshot

Alexandra Smit

Marketing Strategist, Cheetah Digital

Wee Kee Ng headshot

Wee Kee Ng

VP Marketing (Loyalty), Shangri-La Hotels & Resorts

Jeff Miller headshot

Jeff Miller

Head of Marketing, ING

Adam Posner headshot

Adam Posner

CEO and Founder, The Point of Loyalty

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