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Omnichannel Loyalty

Foster meaningful brand advocates and grow customer lifetime value

Marketers want customers to love and trust their brands, which leads to a lifelong loyal relationship, brand advocacy, and increased engagement. But marketers are challenged with too many tools to manage and loyalty systems not linked to omnichannel engagement systems. The Cheetah Customer Engagement Suite empowers marketers to create differentiated Loyalty experiences that allow brands to connect with each member as a unique individual--from dynamic communications to personalized offers and benefits.


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Cheetah’s unique approach to Omnichannel Loyalty ensures each brand interaction is meaningful, consistent, and memorable, without relying on too many tools or inaccessible data. Through data-driven personalization, brands can create emotional connections with members while collecting insights and acting upon invaluable data. Cheetah Digital helps brands create loyalty programs that go beyond transactions, and are Personalized, Optimized, and Engaging.