4 Critical Considerations When Talking CDPs

4 Critical Considerations When Talking CDPs

Join product marketing team member Nick Einstein, and David Raab, founder of the CDP Institute, to dig into four major items to consider when discussing the role of a CDP in your organization. David coined the term ‘CDP’ back in 2013 and will use this time to focus on what a CDP really is and isn’t, how to ensure your team uses it to maximum benefit, privacy best practices, and the age-old question…buy or build? Join for a live Q&A as well.


of marketers can’t assemble unified customer data​​


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drive 10x more effectiveness with real-time offers and content personalization

Speaker: David Raab

Founder, CDP Institute

David Raab is a marketing technology expert, independent consultant and author of literally thousands of articles on the subject of martech and analytics. David is also the founder of the Customer Data Platform Institute.

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