Uncaged Wisdom Podcast on Financial Services and the Customer Engagement Suite


With Jordan Leo, Senior Solutions Consultant at Marigold Engage+.

In this week’s podcast we discuss how the Marigold Engage+ is helping to re-imagine the options around personalized digital communications for highly regulated and longstanding brands within the Financial Services Industry, such as Banking and Insurance.

Jordan is also joined by Scrooge McDuck, Dr. Emmett Brown, and Bob Dylan.

Highlights include:

0:50 to 3:32 – Jordan talks about the changes she’s seen since working at Cheetah, from just having a cross channel messaging platform to now having a whole host of tools at her disposal.

4:47 to 13:09 – How highly regulated industries can apply the Customer Engagement Suite today.

13:10 to 18:56 – Jordan picks those functionalities and attributes that are the most impactful for marketers she’s helping.

19:12 to 23:23 – Why digital marketers working for Financial Service brands continue to Marigold Engage+ and the professional services we offer.

23:26 to 25:28 – What’s the most valuable thing that marketers should be thinking about right now, during COVID-19?

25:15 to 28:42 –A Solution Consultant muses on American Idol 2020.

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