The Personalization Strategy Behind Starbucks Relationship Marketing Efforts

Starbucks has built an incredibly loyal customer base by taking a more human approach to its brand experience.  Their relationship marketing strategy is rooted deeply in personalizing every touchpoint, and across all 4 stages of the relationship marketing cycle.  With over 60% of all Starbucks orders being completely custom, they have mastered personalization at scale and customer engagement both in-store and online.

Dig Into the 4 Stages of Relationship Marketing

Thanks for watching our exclusive video with Starbucks, but don’t stop there.  Want to learn about the 4 stages of Relationship Marketing and see examples of how brands are activating at scale with Marigold Engage+?  Check out this high level, quick read that will inspire you to rethink your current marketing efforts and help you understand how technology can bridge the gap between your goals and your customers’ wants and needs.

Want to Talk About it?

Sometimes you just want to talk it out, right?  We’d love the opportunity to get on a call and start our own relationship with you.  We have experts that can help you understand the value of Relationship Marketing and share how our platform is solving for complex scenarios that our clients face today.  Let’s get together and see if we can tackle some of your goals and create a strategy that will strengthen your KPIs when it comes to customer lifetime value.

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