How to Build a Best-in-Class Loyalty Program

Between customers’ ever-evolving expectations and brands adjusting to the new “normal,” marketers are faced with the challenge of navigating the best ways to respond. Agility remains essential, and taking a step back to assess your current loyalty technology and strategy is key to building a best-in-class program.

Join loyalty experts Jodi Rausch, Director of Integrated Loyalty Solutions at PK, and Jon Siegal, SVP of Global Loyalty Sales at Cheetah Digital, as they discuss what it means to have a modern program that is driving success and take a deep-dive into the following questions:

  • What does a best-in-class loyalty program look like today, and how has that changed over the last few years?
  • How can you assess your current loyalty program against best-in-class programs?
  • If your current program is not delivering the right results, what can and should be done?
  • What are the key strategies you can use to transform your current program?

Join our speakers


Jon Siegal

SVP, Global Loyalty Sales, Cheetah Digital



Jodi Raush

Managing Director of Integrated Loyalty Solutions at Concentrix Catalyst


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