Next-Gen Personalization Solution Transcends Third-Party Cookie Issues for Marketers

Thinking Caps

2020 was a real kick in the pants for marketers in many ways. One of the most disrupted areas was in the way brands now need to spend their marketing dollar to reach consumers. More people are online than ever but the role of third-party data and cookies to make meaningful matches is eroding at a lightning pace. Marketers need to double down on zero-party data. This isn’t a new idea as Marc Pritchard famously declared this as P&G’s core strategy back in 2019. 

Once a zero-party data acquisition strategy is established, Next-Generation Personalization can begin. This is marketing on a truly one-to-one level with consumers across email, SMS, push notifications, and even advertising. Owning your own data and taking that to the walled gardens to match hyper-relevant creative and offers is a game-changer for driving revenue. But personalization presents a new set of hurdles to execute seamlessly, many of which are new to marketing teams.  Marigold Engage+, long regarded as one of the only zero-party data acquisition tools for enterprise-level marketers, has just lowered the barrier to entry on personalization with the launch of Marigold Personalization. This video explains the road ahead for marketers and why personalization is crucial for success as the cookie and third-party data diminishes in value. 

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