Sometimes you’re faced with the decision of whether or not it’s time to scrap a campaign that just isn’t working. This is exactly the problem our client, a global financial services company, was struggling with, especially in regards to ways to re-energize its monthly email subscribers.

Knowing what your audience wants and providing it on a consistent basis is the holy grail in marketing. Even if you think your content is the crème de la crème, numbers don’t lie. If open and click-through rates are low, then you need to reassess your audience and optimise your marketing messages.


Our client had been sending out a monthly email campaign to its various stakeholders. The emails were designed to enlighten their audience on a range of topics from agriculture to healthcare and hospitality.

Despite their efforts, open and click-through rates were at an all-time low. This led them to question the usefulness and future of the engagement campaign.

Graph displaying engagement of current and prospect customers


Our Digital Consultancy team meticulously dissected the customer journey, looking at the audience’s first introduction to the communications. They analysed not just the design of the emails, but how the design impacted customer behaviour. The team recommended:

  • Lifetime analysis to show engagement changes
  • Cohort analysis to help understand what demographics were interested
  • Engagement analysis across the audience (high engaged, low engaged, inactive)


  • Over 40% of newsletter audience were inactive.
  • A reactivation programme was added for the inactive audience.
  • 39% of customers were classed as “low engaged,” but these customers showed consistent behaviours. Content was monitored to identify winning topics and convert them to “high engaged.”
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