When prehistoric legacy systems hold disconnected data in separate locations, many marketers struggle to find ways to fully embrace their data and effectively target their customers. As an international entertainment company offering location-based family attractions, our client needed to expertly segment their data. This helped them better understand and thus create relevant messaging for their customers.

Bad data will infiltrate your systems and hinder your ability to create tailored marketing communications. Customers today demand high levels of personalised messaging, which marketers can only achieve by integrating the data in their digital systems.


The data in our client’s legacy systems had become siloed and needed lining up with data in their various technologies. They were struggling to move their data efficiently from their disparate global systems. Targeting was broad and there was little understanding of segment performance, so it was difficult to tailor their marketing communications.


  • We replaced and integrated their legacy systems
  • Mosaic profiling was used to provide a better understanding and segmentation of their audience
  • This enabled greater granularity in message targeting


  • Our client went from having little understanding of their audience to having a Single Customer View
  • Internally they increased their understanding of the customer lifecycle, allowing the creation of better experiences
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