Cheetah Personalization

Orchestrate real-time interactions across all channels and touchpoints.

Cheetah Personalization

Orchestrate real-time interactions across all channels and touchpoints.

The next generation of personalization

The next generation of personalization

Cheetah Personalization scales targeted and contextual experiences by blending three game-changing capabilities: Real-Time Personalization, Journey Designer, and Intelligent Offers. Marketers can leverage the power of machine learning and automated journeys to connect with customers on a one-to-one basis.

Real-time experiences

Capture real-time data events on web and mobile devices for triggered campaigns.

Journey design

The most comprehensive set of journeys in the market, from simple triggered journeys to multi-step and fully custom journeys.

Offer management

The offer library allows you to design and personalize interactive content for individuals.

Real-time events

Ingest streaming event data and feed it into the Cheetah EDP to update customer profiles.

Journey library

A library of marketing friendly standard journey templates that can be easily configured to drive effectiveness.

Offer intelligence

Apply machine learning and artificial intelligence to optimize offer selection.

Rapid deployment

Apply offer and product recommendations based on web events and emails.

Integrated marketing

Measure journeys with operational marketing metrics and leverage machine learning to optimize customer journey paths.

Enterprise scale

Generate next best offer and next best action strategies on websites to drive conversions.

Director of Marketing

Global Sporting Goods Manufacturer

The personalization into the web environment is critical for our future here. It is the true differentiation between us and our competitors. They’re not even there yet with the personalization. I’m trying to stay three steps ahead of them here.

1 to 1 brand experiences driven by machine learning

Automate and score every customer interaction and determine the next best action without any manual work. Machine Learning analyzes massive amounts of customer data and provides insights that help you optimize marketing strategies, predict engagement behaviors, and deliver more personalized experiences to customers.

Personalized engagement across the customer lifecycle

As the data platform layer of our Customer Engagement Suite, the Cheetah Engagement Data Platform generates a single customer view for use across Cheetah Digital solutions. Built to be fully integrated, Cheetah Customer Engagement Suite is the only solution in the market that can deliver end-to-end personalized experiences for the first-party marketer. 

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