Paula Thomas on Foundations, Gamification, and “Points for Good” in Loyalty Programs

Thinking Caps

Paula Thomas is a loyalty aficionado. She’s a marketing executive with over 20 years of experience,  has served as a judge for the Loyalty Magazine Awards, is the author of Driving Loyalty in Convenience Retail, the host and founder of the Let’s Talk Loyalty Podcast, and is joining us on Thinking Caps today. She talks to Tim and Richard about the foundational pillars of loyalty, how loyalty programs are creating “points for good” programs, and shares some great resources on loyalty and gamification in loyalty programs. Tune in to hear a great episode!

KPMG: The Truth About Customer Loyalty
Yu-kai Chou: Actual Gamification – Beyond Points, Badgers, and Leaderboards
Paula’s podcast: Let’s Talk Loyalty Podcast
Paula’s book: Driving Convenience in Convenience Retail

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