Did Tim Cook Just Try and Kill Facebook?

Thinking Caps

It’s a rumble for the ages. Apple and Facebook fighting over how YOUR data is used. Apple has taken the offensive, changing how it tracks consumers in its mobile and browser platforms, as well as adding privacy warnings to App Store apps. Facebook, on the other hand, is begging consumers to let Facebook track them. Do it for the advertisers, Zuckerberg pleads! (Consumers aren’t so sure about that.) 

As Facebook stubbornly fights to keep things the way they are and to hold onto its lucrative advertising strategy, it’s fair to point out here that privacy and personalization can co-exist. In fact, in our recent global consumer study, we learned that 79% of consumers would like a brand to stop advertising to them on Facebook and instead invest in a loyalty program that rewards them for their business. It’s a sea change for the entire industry and so far, Facebook is drowning. 

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