CEO Jeremy Schwartz on Finding the Truth in Data

Thinking Caps

CEO Jeremy Schwartz brings his infinite wisdom to Thinking Caps. Over a 30-year career, Jeremy served as the former CEO of The Body Shop, former CEO of Pandora, Managing Director of Marketing at L’Oreal, and held senior marketing positions at Sainsbury’s and Coca-Cola, where he invented Coke Zero. That’s right — Coke Zero. This episode is a ride from beginning to end with Jeremy sharing his deep understanding of marketing and leadership, as well as his personal stories about how averages don’t matter in marketing data, how we should look to the top 5 companies to learn about digital transformation, and how everyone needs to take a bigger role in “myth-busting.” Join Richard and Tim as they take a journey through Jeremy’s career and insights. 

Also, don’t forget to check out Jeremy Schwartz’s podcast, Saving Tomorrow’s Planet.

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