How Food for Planet Is Enriching The Customer Experience

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A Little Background

For 75 years Food for Planet has been redefining accepted industry norms, with a focus on combining high-quality meat-free or animal welfare led meat-based food with an ethos rooted in sustainability. One derided by its competitors, the continued rise in ethical consumerism means Food for Planet’s products are taking greater market share and shaking up an industry once hallmarked by low food quality standards.

We sat down with Melina Keller, Content Marketing Manager at Food for Planet to get the inside story on how the brand is leveraging Marigold Engage+’s suite of engagement tools to communicate with its growing customers with the right message, at the right time.


58% of consumers have rejected a brand either because of its environmental corporate or political values

The Challenge: Enriching Customer Data To Deliver Better Personalized Customer Experiences

To truly deliver the digital experiences pet owners expect today, marketing teams need both insight and action. That requires a single, accessible view of the customer that can be constantly enriched with new, more up-to-date customer preferences and data. But it’s not merely a case of “ask and you shall receive” – customers need to be entertained, engaged and offered a tangible value exchange for their personal and preference data.

To collect first party data of our customers is our biggest challenge, but could also be our biggest success in the marketing team.

Melina Keller, Content Marketing Manager, Food for Planet

The Brief

For over two years the team at Food for Planet have been successfully working with the Cheetah team, and using its flagship solution: Marigold Engage+ to send huge amounts of engaging, contextually relevant emails to it’s clients.

Food for Planet wanted to go a step further in its digital customer engagement journey, and enrich its existing customer data to give its customers more targeted offers and product recommendations, as well as defining customer journeys with a series of orchestrated touchpoints between the brand and each customer. Enter Marigold Grow and Cheetah Journey Designer.

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Six-figure amount of emails sent every month

The Solution: A Three-Pronged Approach

Marigold Engage+

There are numerous touchpoints in which one should be connecting with your customer, but email is still comfortably the prefered channel of consumers for receiving communications from brands. However, rising above the noise in crowded inboxes and making that connection can be a challenge.

Food for Planet powers email from Marigold Engage+ to more closely align with its customers’ expectations, improve the relevancy of emails, and make that all-important connection. From only having a single blanket newsletter blast, with Marigold Engage+ it has a plethora of emails that map to different segments, including what type of pet the customer has, the age, breed, size and birthday, as well as matching with the activity of the customer.

Marigold Grow

The beauty of audience building is it never ends, one can always be enriching, updating and refining customer profiles. As customer’s circumstances and preferences change over time, so does the audience profile with it.

Food for Planet were able to realize this ambition by turning to Marigold Grow, and delivering a raft of interactive marketing experiences that profiled each customer and found out what type of pet they owned, allergies, birthday and a host of data that could be used to personalize future marketing efforts and enhance the relationship between the brand and pet owner by always communicating with relevance.

Cheetah Journey Designer

With the help of specialists and account management at Cheetah, the team at Food for Planet were able to identify key customer touchpoints across marketing channels and the website, and create a messaging plan to help nudge pet owners along from being fickle customers into loyal brand advocates.

Instead of managing complex journeys that require manual setup, configuration, and heavy services work, this strategy enabled Food for Planet to rapidly onboard and progressively profile its customers.

Thanks to Cheetah, we can segment our customers and send them the right content at the right time. Before Cheetah, we could just send newsletters to everyone collectively, which is not very customer-friendly. Furthermore we have been able to greatly increase our email marketing revenues and benefit from our automated campaigns.

Melina Keller, Content Marketing Manager, Food for Planet
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