Fleet Feet Leverages Local, Members-Only Experiences to Build Brand Loyalty

Since its inception in 1976, Fleet Feet has focused on more than just shoes — but also on growing and enhancing local running and walking communities. The brand offers educational resources and training opportunities to provide their customers with everything they need to reach their unique fitness goals.

Regardless of a person’s preferred activity or fitness level, Fleet Feet is dedicated to providing personalized experiences to each and every customer who walks through the door at any one of its 180+ locations. All in all, the brand is no stranger to customer loyalty.

But as technology and consumer expectations evolved, Fleet Feet knew it needed to do more to win business and maintain the personalized customer-brand relationships that had become the core of their business.

The Solution

To keep up with technological advancements, the running brand introduced a new, 3D foot scanning technology called “fit id” to replace the legacy Brannock Device and match customers with the perfect shoe for their foot size and shape. They concurrently launched a new ecommerce site and mobile app that connected directly to a customer data hub.

This hub collected both purchase and fitness activity data, creating a comprehensive customer profile that allowed the brand to deliver hyper-personalized, locally-driven opportunities to involve customers in their mission: to inspire the runner in everyone.

Fleet Feet user interface

Now, customers can earn reward points through retail purchases, product reviews, surveys, and attending Fleet Feet hosted clinics, classes, events, and training programs. For example, the brand has created a nationwide leaderboard for high school track and field athletes, enabling them to track summer training miles within the app.

Users can then use the app to redeem their points for exciting rewards such as Fleet Feet merchandise and sweepstakes entries.

The Results

These loyalty experiences helped create a sense of community and competition for runners across the US and helped Fleet Feet expand and improve their brand loyalty program. Fleet Feet plans to make its loyalty app the central hub of its digital consumer experiences, including communications and personalization, and Marigold Engage+’s loyalty solution and capabilities are a core part of achieving this plan.

  • 3M Loyalty Program Members
  • 10K New App Downloads per Month
  • 93% Net Promoter Score

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