Signals22 : la série de contenu virtuel primée pour les spécialistes du marketing est de retour

We’re in a moment of great transition for marketers. Behemoth web browsers are winding up third-party cookie tracking, Apple has made it incredibly easy for consumers to opt out of being followed for advertising purposes and a projected global economic downturn means engendering lasting loyalty is more important than ever. Navigating this landscape is difficult, but marketers are still being challenged to increase results while the martech and advertising infrastructure they’ve come to lean on disintegrates around them.

That is why we put together this virtual content series: Signals22 – to tackle these challenges head on.

We deliver four continuous days of unmissable content, bringing together the brightest thought leaders, world-renowned brands, industry heads and engaging panels. You will hear directly from global enterprise brand marketers from all marketing functions as they share their experience and successes delivering relationship marketing strategies that actually work, from acquisition to retention. Below are some sessions for you to add to your calendar.

More Than a Product Quiz: Zero-Party Data Across the Customer Lifecycle

The modern consumer demands increased privacy, tightened data controls, and the right to be forgotten. That’s easily deliverable until you contrast those demands with their expectations for tailor-made content, bespoke product recommendations and truly personalized experiences.

When it comes to breaking the personalization and privacy paradox, Forrester Analyst Stephanie Liu is the expert. In this session, Stephanie will discuss how zero-party data is the solution many marketers are looking for. Regarde maintenant >

The Power of Progressive Profiling and Scaling Customer Data Across Brands

World-leading brands like PepsiCo are gathering huge amounts of consumer data at scale and using it to deliver experiences that their customers love. Progressive profiling allows PepsiCo to expand its knowledge on each individual customer, and tailor experiences to their specific interests, preferences, motivations and desires.

In this incredible session, Chris Muscutt, Marketing Technology Lead at PepsiCo shares his views on why progressive profiling consumers to enhance their experience is key in today’s data economy. Watch to Start Activating Data >

The ROI on Relationship Marketing: An Analyst POV

Relationship Marketing is about putting the customer, not your product at the center of everything. Investing in this strategy outperforms the traditional tactics based on creepy marketing practices or cast-and-blast messaging campaigns that fail to deliver the desired results.

Constellation Research advises enterprise brands how to transform their businesses with technology and succeed in the digital economy. In this must-see session, Principal Analyst & Founder Ray Wang will deliver the data that backs this up. Begin Increasing Revenue >

ESPs and CDPs Collided – Now What?

Join Chris Marriott, President and Founder of Email Connect to cut-through the acronyms, jargon and buzzwords and discuss the key differences and overlaps between ESPs and CDPs. He will take a deep-dive into how we should rethink the ESP landscape, whether or not email marketers need both platforms and how to choose. Watch this Jargon-Busting Session >

This is merely five of over 20 sessions we have planned. We will also be bringing you the best and brightest minds in marketing, from leading brands such as The Atlantic, Brilliant Earth, Magnolia Bakery, University of California-Santa Barbara. So after registering for your chosen session above, make sure to add some more to your personal agenda.

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