The Strategy Behind Starbucks Relationship Marketing Efforts

An exclusive interview revealing what makes Starbucks’ loyalty program one of the most successful in gathering the data and insights required to drive frequency, deliver real-time personalization and engender long-lasting, profitable relationships.

Top customer loyalty tips 2022: Is your brand ‘relationship marketing ready’?

Emotional Loyalty: Turning Today’s Buyers into Tomorrow’s Devoted Fans

Brand loyalty is defined by much more than traditional marketing tactics like points and rewards. Loyalty is an outcome — a goal that can only be achieved by knowing your customers deeply and nurturing the relationship at every opportunity. This webinar will explore the concept of emotional loyalty and offer actionable guidelines to start building more genuine relationships with your customers.

Top customer loyalty tips 2022: Is your brand ‘relationship marketing ready’?

Aussie marketers: Is your brand ‘relationship marketing ready’?

New global research commissioned by Cheetah Digital reveals what consumers expect from the brands they do business with online, the channels they want to connect on and the data they’re prepared to share in return for more personalized experiences at every stage of the customer lifecycle; from acquisition through to loyalty.

Switching Your Loyalty Solution Provider

Choosing a loyalty service provider is an essential building block to ensuring the success of your loyalty program, and considering platform replacement is a decision that should not be made lightly. That’s why we’ve enlisted loyalty experts Jon Siegal and David Slavick to help you understand what’s involved in this process.

Zero-Party Data:
An Optimal Path to Personalization

As third-party data and cookies become less viable, we explore the use cases for zero-party data. The report and webinar share definitions, advice, and examples of successes from the likes of Discovery Communications, Budweiser, and Aéropostale. This is a must read for any brand marketer.


Email Benchmark Stats Across Industries for Early 2022

Email is one of the most impactful channels used in relationship marketing. When viewing email’s impact on other channels you can get a great overview of your impact on audience action. In this short episode, we reveal some of the North American email benchmarks across Cheetah Digital’s enterprise client base.

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Top US Consumer Messaging Trends Broken Down By Age

Marketers know that audience behavior varies generation to generation. When it comes to brand messaging in brand experience, how far off are Gen X from Boomers? That’s what the 2022 consumer trends index reveals. In this short video we share a few critical differences on how email, SMS and even loyalty programs differ across age groups.

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