The Metaverse, Marketing and Future of Privacy

An Exclusive Interview with Christopher Wylie, Cambridge Analytica Whistleblower

In this special edition of Thinking Caps, Christopher Wylie shares his thoughts on the metaverse, marketing hurdles, and the future of privacy issues. For instance, who is regulating how the metaverse is being built? Will it be a safe place for users? How about for brands? Right now software engineers are shaping what the platform will look like with little-to-no regulation ensuring people have safe places or escape routes. Historically Meta (formerly Facebook) and other social media platforms have struggled with misinformation, hate speech, and other dangerous content and actions. Will the metaverse be able to ensure the safety of its users and the brands that engage with them?

Christopher Wylie is a well-known expert on this topic, having cracked open the Cambridge Analytica scandal that started a wave of outrage and legislation regarding Facebook’s safety and security practices covering its users’ data. Christopher also recently published the book Mindf*ck: Cambridge Analytica and the Plot to Break America. Join Marigold Engage+ CMO Richard Jones as he hosts this exclusive interview with Christopher.

One trillion dollars

$1T in potential annual revenues according to Grayscale

300 billion dollars

$300B virtual and mixed reality spending by 2024

10 trillion dollars

$10B already invested by Facebook’s Reality Labs division

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