The Personalization Strategy Behind Starbucks Relationship Marketing Efforts

Starbucks has built an incredibly loyal customer base by taking a more human approach to its brand experience.  Their relationship marketing strategy is rooted deeply in personalizing every touchpoint, and across all 4 stages of the relationship marketing cycle.  With over 60% of all Starbucks orders being completely custom, they have mastered personalization at scale and customer engagement both in-store and online.

Barbara Spiering explains why your brand’s purpose must be driven by both the head and the heart, and why your technology should be seen simply as a tool that helps make every interaction with your audience more human.  She’ll also discuss how important it is to personalize everything you do, and how critical clean data and a strong platform are to executing successfully.  

We also discuss the importance of zero-party data, privacy and the future of women in technology.

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Personalization in practice, why it’s critical to success

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Why having a purpose and communicating that is paramount

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How machine learning and AI factor into their loyalty program

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The importance of platform partners to execute on your vision


Tim Glomb

VP Content and Data, Cheetah Digital

Barbara Spiering

vp Marketing Technology and QOPS, Starbucks Technology

“Our goal is to create connection. And to ensure that we have a relationship; you know who we are, we know who you are, and there’s that alignment of love.”

– Barbara Spiering, Starbucks

“The goal of technology and my team is to create that bridge between the physical and the digital. So customers feel as seen and known in all of our digital channels as when they walk into the store.”

– Barbara Spiering, Starbucks

“We’ve got a really long standing relationship with Cheetah and that’s always been a great partnership. But we look at not only what is the technology, what is the roadmap? Is this a company we want to work with? Does their mission and values align with ours? Cheetah met that.”

– Barbara Spiering, Starbucks

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