Zero-Party Data:
An Optimal Path to Personalization

Download an AdAge white paper report and watch a webinar deep-dive

Full of Stats and Examples of Zero-Party Data Use Cases

The white paper reveals poll results from marketers on their attitudes and readiness plans for a personalized world. As third-party data and cookies become less viable, we explore the use cases for zero-party data. The report shares definitions, advice, and examples of successes from the likes of Discovery Communications, Budweiser, and Aéropostale. We also provide a deep-dive webinar that provides a blueprint to personalization across four chapters to help you understand how to put zero-party data to use for your brand. Guests include privacy and brand safety expert Scott Cunningham as well as successes with Salling Group and Pure Archery Group.

Together, these two resources are the most comprehensive zero-party data overview and personalization explanation available. Please download your complimentary report now.

86% of white paper survey respondents say they are reducing their reliance on third party data, but less than 4% are currently collecting zero-party data!

Everyone agrees that personalization is crucial to advertising and marketing efforts

92% of respondents agree personalization is important for consumers with 48% saying it is extremely important. We also explain in our webinar some key stats on what consumers expect when it comes to personalization across all marketing channels..

Pure Archery Group shares how they get over 50% open rates on personalized email and also see nearly 7x lit in advertising impact when using zero-party data.

Our Guest Speakers

Scott Cunningham

Brand Safety & Privacy Expert, New Media Pioneer

András Szőcs

Head of Customer Program and Center of Excellence (Group Senior Director) at Salling Group

Skylar Pace

Digital Strategy Manager, Pure Archery Group

Webinar Hosts

Richard Jones

CMO, Cheetah Digital

Tim Glomb

VP of Content and Data at Cheetah Digital

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