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Journey Orchestration

Build a better relationship with customers across all channels and touchpoints

Today’s consumers engage with brands in various channels and touchpoints, making it very difficult for brands to address them in a standard linear fashion. Marketers need to find ways to become more agile and reactive in their approaches to managing and delivering on the customer experience. Brands and modern marketers now realize the potential of delivering personalized and tailored journeys across different touchpoints to provide a seamless experience.


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Cheetah’s Journey Orchestration capabilities help marketers address these issues by building better relationships with customers across all channels and touchpoints. Journey orchestration empowers marketers to browse, create, publish, and manage multi-stage journeys powered by the Customer Engagement Suite. The solution provides the most comprehensive set of journeys in the market, from simple triggered journeys, to multi-step journeys, and fully custom journeys and to enable marketers to drive more relevant, timely, and personalized experiences.