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Data-Driven Engagement

Drive meaningful customer interactions by connecting data, channels, and experiences

With changing customer dynamics across multiple channels and touchpoints, brands and marketers now need tools to better understand and anticipate customer behavior that drives engagement. However, engagement data and channels aren’t integrated, so they miss out on critical business opportunities. Data is the lifeblood of any marketing program. Some of the key challenges for marketers include - too many marketing tools; inability to understand consumer behavior and manage a single view across data silos; and inability to scale across all customer touchpoints.


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The Cheetah Customer Engagement Suite (CES) is the only solution that enables marketers to deliver personalized experiences, cross-channel messaging, and loyalty strategies all underpinned by a scalable customer data platform. With an integrated platform, marketers can further incorporate experiences into every conversation as a way to engage customers throughout the customer lifecycle and deliver personalization at scale.