Customers crave interactions with brands that reflect who they are across every single channel.
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The new foundation of customer relationships

In today’s digital world, customer engagement is no longer possible without personalisation — and personalisation is not possible without data. With Cheetah Digital, you can seamlessly examine the millions of interactions customers have with your brand every day and activate them to deliver more in-the-moment marketing and loyalty experiences.

Single view of the customer

Harnessing all the transactional, first-, and zero-party data you collect in one centralised location is the key to delivering truly personalised communications. We help create this single view of the customer and draw insights out of this data, positioning your marketing campaigns for success.

Real-time decisioning engine

With the power of our engagement data platform, we make it possible to apply all your customers’ real-time behaviours and preferences to trigger an email, qualify them for an experience, send them a reward, and more — all based on what will increase their emotional loyalty to your brand most.

Cross-channel optimisation

Every customer interaction must provide a personalised, consistent, and relevant brand experience. With our platform, you can deliver personalised experiences at scale across every touchpoint of the customer lifecycle, including email, SMS, mobile wallet, social media, and more.

Personalised experiences

Creating deeper emotional loyalty means connecting with customers on their terms. Cheetah Digital enables marketers to collect accurate, permissioned zero- and first-party data in an efficient, natural manner. With this data, you can progressively profile your customers, deliver more in-the-moment value, and create hyper-personalised experiences that delight customers.
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Create truly personalised cross-channel experiences

Executing personalised interactions, experiences, and communications with customers shouldn’t require multiple teams, resources, and systems. We simplify this process by putting the power of each of our solutions in the marketer’s hands.

Orchestrated solutions

Managing cross-channel personalisation is easier when all your messaging, loyalty, and experience solutions live under one roof. Decisions made by our decisioning engine are seamlessly communicated and activated across our other solutions — no additional integrations required.

Truly cross-channel

Consumers are using more channels than ever before. Our solutions make it possible to deliver personalised messaging and experiences across every channel, including email, SMS, MMS, Push, POS, and even within customers’ native mobile wallets.

End-to-end experiences

When creating lasting emotional loyalty, every interaction across the entire customer lifecycle matters. We help create experiences that resonate with customers individually, directly targeting their specified and inferred preferences across every interaction from acquisition to re-engagement.

We have the data management power, cross-channel capabilities, and personalisation expertise needed to enhance your customer experiences.


Protect your customers’ important data

Keeping your data safe from threats is the key to protecting your customers and your brand. We’ve been protecting our clients’ data — some of the world’s best brands — for over 20 years. We comply with strict data security standards and regulations, including SOC 2 Type 2 and EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), and maintain stringent internal best practices.


Does your marketing resonate?

Every communication you send — whether via a traditional email or the modern mobile wallet — must connect with consumers on a personal level in order to drive conversions. With the support of our solutions and services, brands can personalise every communication across the customer lifecycle to truly enhance their customer experiences.