Your success is our success

Reach your customer engagement and loyalty goals no matter how complex or ambitious they might be with Cheetah Digital Customer Engagement Suite’s capabilities.

Take control of your data

Our powerful data management engine helps enterprise brands gain a unified view of their customers across all touchpoints. We provide the flexible, reliable, and secure technology needed to effectively put your real-time and batch data to work.

We create a single customer view by unifying real-time and batch behavioural, demographic, and purchase data. We enrich your profiles with calculated and predictive data to create robust, dynamic segments.
Protecting your data, audience, and brand is our top priority. Our technology and capabilities are designed to meet global data governance principles and strict internal standards.
We understand how important it is to be able to build segments and launch campaigns in just a few clicks. We make it easy to use all your customer data with user-friendly workflows and intuitive tools.
Machine Learning

Predictive customer insights

With our advanced machine learning engine, marketers can revolutionise how they reach and interact with their customers, deliver more impactful experiences, and seamlessly demonstrate the power of their marketing efforts.

Predictive analytics
Truly understand and predict customer behaviours, including campaign interactions, likelihood to purchase, and risk of churn.
Send-time optimisation
Using historical engagement, we predict when a customer will open and interact with your brand’s personalised campaigns.
Marketer enabled
We put the power of machine learning in your hands, enabling you to customise pre-built models to provide the exact insights your brand needs.

Valuable data at your fingertips

Customers want personalised experiences. But they want strict data and security control, too. We help marketers efficiently collect zero-party data and activate it to build more meaningful relationships and interactions with customers.

Zero-party data
Data is at the heart of all marketing. Cheetah Experiences helps marketers collect valuable, self-reported, and permissioned zero-party data.
Value exchange
Incentivise your customers to share their preferences, wants, and needs with rewards, special experiences, personalised offers, and more.
Personalised experiences
When customers hand over their data, they expect it to enhance their experiences. You can readily activate all your data across all our solutions.

Seamless brand experiences across channels

Customers are unique, and so are their preferences. We help you reach them per their preferred communication method or across multiple channels, providing consistent brand experiences that will effectively drive your brand’s revenue.

Dynamic content
Our real-time data management capabilities help marketers personalise every customer interaction, directly enhancing their brand experiences.
Consistent brand experience
Using our technology, you can create reusable content and business rules to deliver consistent cross-channel customer experiences.
User-friendly workflow
With our drag-and-drop functionality, it is simple to plan and execute a campaign no matter the channel you use.

Personalised, segmented campaigns

Reaching your customer base in rapid fashion has never been easier. We excel at targeted and enterprise- scale email marketing, enabling marketers to create and execute global campaigns in less time.

Proven expertise
With over 20 years’ experience helping some of the world’s best brands execute email marketing strategies, we have the experience needed to help your brand succeed.
Native integrations
The data collected from your email marketing campaigns can be readily integrated and activated across all our Customer Engagement Suite solutions.
Global scale
We deliver the speed, reliability, and scale necessary to help you reach millions of records across the world in a timely, efficient manner.

Connect with customers on a personal level

Customers don’t just want personalised messages and experiences, they expect them. With Cheetah Digital, you can seamlessly meet all your customers’ expectations on a one-to-one basis.

Single customer view
See all your customers’ behaviours, actions, and preferences in one central, comprehensive view.
Real-time activation
Customer preferences can change at a moment’s notice. We help you always stay relevant.
Cross-channel experiences
Activate the data you collect across solutions via any channel, ensuring every experience is personalised.

Create ongoing customer trust

Your customers know your brand — and want you to know them, too. We work with you to deliver customer communications and engagement that creates trust with your brand, driving retention and revenue for years to come.

Tiers, points, and rewards
Our loyalty solutions are built to create engaging interactions that drive lifelong loyalty to your brand. From tiers to points to rewards, we track and deliver the seamless loyalty experience your customers crave.
Real-time behaviours
Every interaction you have with customers should be informed by timely, relevant data. Our loyalty solutions will collect customers’ real-time behavioural data you can use to execute strategic engagement.
Targeted engagement
Our diverse loyalty solutions analyse customer actions and provide experiences that are relevant to them, producing more targeted customer experiences and increasing brand revenue.
Reporting & Analytics

Comprehensive reporting and analytics

We make sure you have access to the timely insights and results data you need to make more profitable marketing decisions.

Reporting dashboards

You can configure your reporting dashboards to identify the information that matters most to your brand.

Real-time data

Our visual reporting tools can help you understand and share the impact of your marketing efforts.

Insight driven

As your partner, we make it easy to identify what works, what doesn’t, and how to improve future campaigns.