Zero-Party Data: Building Crucial First-Party Relationships

Zero-Party Data: Building Crucial First-Party Relationships

The new era of privacy has made it increasingly difficult for marketers to build and maintain trusted relationships with consumers. One major consequence of the privacy regulations sweeping the globe — coupled with progressively data-conscious consumers — is the move away from third-party data sets or cookie tracking to power marketing initiatives.

It is possible for marketers to know what customers intend to do or buy in the future by collecting data that is intentionally and proactively shared directly by the consumer. This class of declared data is called zero-party data – and it’s rocket-fuel for your marketing.

Join us to see how brands such as GSK and Arsenal Football Club are prioritizing zero-party data into their strategies and building stronger relationships with their audiences as adtech and martech issues disrupt the marketing landscape.


of consumers think adverts from cookie tracking are creepy, not cool


of consumers will share personal and preference with you brand if you offer the right value exchange


of consumers have a favorite brand as it uses their data in a way that makes them feel comfortable


Nick Watson headshot

Nick Watson, SVP, Global Experiences Solutions

Nick Watson has supported brands like Coca-Cola, Shell, Manchester City FC, Bauer Media and Reckitt Benckiser collect over 1.3 billion preference insights, purchase intentions and opt-ins from consumers to power truly-personalized marketing. Nick joined Cheetah Digital to help create technology that made it easier for marketers to collect ‘zero-party data’ across all owned, earned and paid channels.

Richard Jones headshot

Richard Jones, CMO of Cheetah Digital

Richard Jones is the CMO at Cheetah Digital, where he oversees a global team that is responsible for all aspects of the brand, demand generation, digital marketing, corporate communications, and sales development. Prior to Cheetah, Richard was co-founder and CEO of the company that developed the technology that is now Cheetah Experiences.

Adam Rutzler headshot

Adam Rutzler, Senior Campaign and Insight Manager at Arsenal FC

Adam has held multiple CRM, Insights and Marketing roles in the sports and entertainment industry. Currently he serves as Senior Campaign and Insight Manager at Arsenal FC.

Dr Louise Vincer headshot

Dr Louise Vincer, Marketing & Digital Acceleration Director, GSK Consumer Healthcare

Louise is a passionate & experienced marketer on a mission to make the everyday health categories more engaging for the people who experience them. With a wealth of experience in healthcare, from R&D and product development to delivering campaigns for global brands, Louise loves to innovate and constantly seek new ways to drive positive change for our brands, shoppers and consumers. Louise has strong focus on building organizational capability and setting teams up for success to ensure they can deliver the perfect mix of data driven marketing and compelling creative, for a truly human centric approach.

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