How Marketers in Travel & Hospitality are Taking on an Unpredictable Year and Beyond

Watch the Travel & Hospitality Panel at Signals 20.

Of all the businesses affected by the pandemic, those within the Travel & Hospitality industry are likely the ones reeling the most from the fallout. And it isn’t just this year that vacations, business trips, hotel stays, and more will be canceled — this is likely to affect the industry well into the next decade. Joining us for this session are two travel & hospitality brands that will discuss staying strong in a year of unpredictability and reflect on thriving in an unknowable future.

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Holly Moreland headshot

Holly Moreland

Director, Customer Engagement Platforms & MarTech, Hilton

Everton Stewart headshot

Everton Stewart

Senior Manager Information Technology, Cayman Airways

Sir Turtle headshot

Sir Turtle

Mascot, Cayman Airways

Julian Bracey-Davis headshot

Julian Bracey-Davis

Senior Director of Client & Vertical Content, Cheetah Digital

Kayla Siegmeier headshot

Kayla Siegmeier

Senior Manager, Communications Strategy, Cheetah Digital

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