Tips from the Experts: Cheetah CES — Setting Waypoints for Success

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How to trigger ‘next steps’ based on real-time customer actions


Why engaged customers deliver 23% more revenue than average customers

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How to gauge your brand’s data-driven maturity scorecard

How do you transform your brand into a data-driven organization?

The benefits of being data-driven are readily apparent — these organizations see increases across the board, from cross-sell revenue to spontaneous purchases by customers. And they are more likely to be profitable as a result. Join our session to learn how to build the framework for engagement with customers through data, and the waypoints you’ll need to set for success. We’ll also explore use cases and the Cheetah solutions that help drive engagement.

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Bruce Swann

Sr Director, Product Marketing, Cheetah Digital

David Evans

VP, Global Solutions Consulting, Cheetah Digital

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