Enhancing Digital Fan Engagement — Sports & Media Marketers for the Win

Watch the Sports & Media Panel at Signals 20.

Already playing a significant role in where we spend our time online, Covid-19 provided those in the Sports and Media industries with even more attention from viewers looking to distract themselves with digital content. These consumption trends have accelerated considerations around how fan engagement should be approached and the new opportunities it presents.

This client panel talks to leaders in both industries about what they are doing in the short, medium, and long term to provide more in fan engagement, and in doing so also benefiting their sponsors and those spending on advertising.

Sports marketers are re-evaluating which content resonates best with an increasingly engaged and expectant generation of fans. It has also provided a chance to adopt smarter tactics with fan data, building out a broader view and creating a golden record. Media marketers, considering how to tackle increasing privacy regulations and the end of 3rd party cookies, are adopting new and innovative ways to keep their fans engaged and onsite by learning who these previously unknown visitors are and what they like. Data acquisition & enrichment, the importance of building a centralized data strategy, should be at the very core.

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Adam Rutzler headshot

Adam Rutzler

Senior Campaign Manager, Arsenal F.C.

Matt Hudspeth-Lamb headshot

Matt Hudspeth-Lamb

Senior CRM Executive at Tottenham Hotspur F.C

Maria Reyes headshot

Maria Reyes

Founder of Voice Interactive & VozLab

Brooke Phillips headshot

Brooke Phillips

Director of Digital Growth & Audience Retention at Meredith Corporation

Julian Bracey-Davis headshot

Julian Bracey-Davis

Senior Director of Client & Vertical Content, Cheetah Digital

Kayla Siegmeier headshot

Kayla Siegmeier

Senior Manager, Communications Strategy, Cheetah Digital

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