Rise of the Ethical Consumer

Countless consumer surveys show that consumers care. Even in these times of economic flux, ethical consumer spending continues to rise, as modern consumers use their wallet to let brands know they care about its corporate footprint, stance on environmental issues, where they spend advertising dollars and political associations.

So as consumers seek to align themselves with brands who share their values, what does this mean for brands? Make sure you attend this panel session that will leave you not just educated, but inspired on how to meet the rising demands of the ethical consumer.


of consumers have rejected a brand either because of its environmental, corporate, or political values


of consumers are more concerned about the environmental impact of brands they consume


of consumers look positively on brands pulling ads from Facebook


Andy Burr headshot

Andy Burr, CEO, ecountabl

Andy Burr is CEO of consumer app ecountabl that connects consumers with companies that share their values by analyzing their daily bank transactions. Previously he launched a major urban initiative at the U.S. Department of Energy announced by the Obama Administration in 2016 and co-directed a $20 million special project that worked with U.S. mayors on climate policy.

Jessi Baker headshot

Jessi Baker, Founder, Provenance

Founder of Provenance, the pioneering tech platform enabling purpose-led brands to build trust
through sourcing and impact transparency with integrity. Designer, technologist and social

Charlie Crowe headshot

Charlie Crowe, Journalist & Entrepreneur

Charlie Crowe is a journalist, advisor and a regular commentator for respected sources such as The Financial Times and CNBC. Prior to that Charlie built a diverse B2B information company, notably rolling-out the “Festival of Media” to become a major trade event operating on four continents.

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