How Retail Marketers are Adapting to Extraordinary Changes in Consumer Shopping Behaviors

It’s more important than ever for retailers to find engaging and interactive ways to connect with their customers. With fierce competition in place, retailers have to look beyond product pushes, coupons, and constant selling.

As consumer behavior changes rapidly, retailers who have leaned into digital transformation are quickly adjusting and adapting. In this session, you’ll learn how improving digital undertakings like cross-channel messaging, interactive experiences, and making online shopping all over more convenient will set retailers up not just for today, but for the future.

10 sites

Katherine’s team manages 10 Estée Lauder D2C sites in the APAC region.


Estée Lauder was the 1st beauty brand to launch an online business 20+ years ago & continue to be digital pioneers.

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Estée Lauder saw a record number of online beauty consultations in 2020, more than in the past decade combined.


Katherine Mamontoff headshot

Katherine Mamontoff

GM Online & Omni-Channel, ANZ, Estee Lauder Companies

Julian Bracey-Davis headshot

Julian Bracey-Davis

Senior Director of Client & Vertical Content, Cheetah Digital

Kayla Siegmeier headshot

Kayla Siegmeier

Senior Manager, Communications Strategy, Cheetah Digital

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