From Bricks & Mortar to Digital Transformation with Purebaby

From Bricks & Mortar to Digital Transformation with Purebaby

Purebaby, born in Australia 2002, creates beautifully organic clothing for babies and children. Purebaby was founded by new parents, Sanjay Gill and Mirabai Winford, when they couldn’t find a range to meet their needs. Fast-forward to 2020 and they now have 23 stores across Australia and an international presence in more than seven countries worldwide, including the US, UK, and the Middle East.

In this session, Sanjay Gill, CEO of Purebaby shares the impact of COVID-19 and how they adjusted their strategy so they could extend their reach to beyond their typical brick and mortar customers. Prior to the pandemic, Purebaby relied on in-store shoppers, with 90% of their revenue coming from brick and mortar stores. COVID-19 hits and retailers were forced to pivot. Purebaby digitally transformed in a short amount of time and turned this statistic on its head – with 90% of revenue being attributed to online sales in the peak of COVID. Purebaby’s digital revenue is now at 50%, but how does Sanjay see the future of his physical stores vs. online revenue?

It was Sanjay and his wife’s passion that started Purebaby. Purebaby focuses on sharing their story with their customers, which they do by partnering with Cheetah Digital, who powers their marketing communications. Cheetah helps them in sharing their vision to educate and inspire through personalised relevant marketing communications.

Hear how Purebaby were able to transform their business digitally in time for the world-changing pandemic.


Digital revenue went from 10% pre-COVID to 90% in the peak of COVID-19


Post-COVID digital revenue is 50%

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Sharing the Purebaby story through marketing communications


Sanjay Gill headshot

Sanjay Gill

CEO, Purebaby

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Billy Loizou

VP Go-to-Market Asia-Pacific, Cheetah Digital

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