Panel Discussion: Innovation in Action at Cheetah Digital

Innovation in Action at Cheetah Digital, A Panel Discussion

It has been a huge year for the Customer Engagement Suite. Join this session to learn about some of the biggest developments we’ve brought to market over the past year and what we’re working on now. Senior leaders on the product team will explore key innovations across the Customer Engagement Suite designed to help you better understand, activate, and engage your customers at the moments that matter most.

Panel Speakers:

Manoj Das headshot

Manoj Das, Vice President of Product Management

As a software executive and product manager Manoj has delivered numerous wins by creating and selling product vision and designing roadmaps that drive development success. As an enthusiastic product evangelist he continuously influences his products’ market leader positions with industry analysts and partners.

Nicholas Einstein headshot

Nicholas Einstein, Senior Director, Product Marketing

Nick evaluates new growth opportunities for the Customer Engagement Suite roadmap, presents thought leadership at industry events, and leads cross-functional teams for product launches and market announcements.

Iain Short headshot

Iain Short, VP Product, Experiences

As the VP of Product Management at Cheetah Digital, Iain Short covers all things product for Cheetah Experiences and Journeys, including product strategy, design, and data privacy

Weston (Wes) Barkwill headshot

Weston (Wes) Barkwill, Principal Product Manager, Loyalty

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